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Felipe – Psychotherapist under Supervision

All Pronouns

Points of focus:


 Gender Queerness



Born in Brazil in 1998, I moved around every two years of my life, leading me to experience many ways of being, understanding people with different values and backgrounds. 


My journey into psychotherapeutic work was very explorative and is very strongly linked to the phenomenological philosophy. 

I've written several theses on identity and this topic is central in my therapeutic work, specialising in gender queerness and transculturalism. This has also given me the opportunity to lead workshops on phenomenology and conduct research on non-binary gender identities.


Other work and internship experiences include work at refugee centres in Vienna (Ute Bock Haus, Volkshilfe Wien), and work with homelessness & drug addiction in the streets of São Paulo (Associação Pró-Saúde Mental), as well as work as a psychotherapist under supervision in the Sigmund Freud University Clinic since early 2021. 


I am currently employed half time in the Volkshilfe Wien for intercultural advisory & social work. 

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Since 2023

  • Private Psychotherapeutic praxis



  • Sigmund Freud University Clinic for Psychotherapy (2021-2023): working with clients as a therapist under supervision – focus on identity and LGBTQI+ - two-week supervision • leader of self-help group on trans culturalism and migration.

  • Volkshilfe-Wien (2022-2023): home for refugees and asylum-seekers. Social work • facilitation of integration and services • drug abuse prevention and harm reduction • in collaboration with SuchtHilfe and Psycho-Social Services, Vienna

  • PROSAM São Paulo (2022): therapeutic interventions with homeless people in the streets of São Paulo with a focus on addiction and harm reduction. Under Supervision.

  • Sigmund Freud University Clinic (2017-2019): Senior Assistant • Diagnosis • Live interpretation of therapies

  • Ute Bock Haus (2016-2017): Asylum seeker center in Austria • work in psychological support and diagnostics.



  • M.A. in Psychotherapy


  • B.A. in Psychology, SFU Vienna (2023)

  • Thesis: “On the Phenomenology of Identity. A qualitative Study on the Identities of Non-Binary People in Vienna

  • B.A. in Psychotherapy, SFU Vienna (2019): specialisation in Gestalt Therapy

  • Thesis: „A Paper on Nothing in Particular – a report on the concept of identity.“

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